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Made-to-Measure Dog CoatsSnuggle Beds, and Dog Rugs, made in the UK.

We specialise in made-to-measure dog coats to ensure the correct fit for all dogs.   We have made dog coats for Dachshunds to Great Danes. Comfort is important for any dog and our range of beds and rugs are designed to compliment the chiquest of interiors whilst providing a warm, luxurious resting place for your pet. 

We have a range of made to measure whippet coats and are adding some whippet puppy coats and collars.   Our Italian Greyhound Collection includes Italian Greyhound coats and coats to fit IG puppies.     

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Whippet Snuggle & Pita Beds

Snuggle  & Fleece Pita Beds for Whippets  Made in Englad Flag 800x133 by Togs for Dogs

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Original Togs for Dogs Snuggle Bed - Large.  Our snuggle bed has unique features not only does it allow your dog to lie on top or crawl inside via the always open pouch. Inside they snuggle into a double Polar Fleece lined  envelope with a removable padded base cusion, soft warm and draught proof. They can be used on the bed, chair, and floor or in the car. The snuggle bed is fully washable and the outer cover removes from the interior cushion to allow each to be washed separately.

Coffee Snugglebed

Fleece Pita Beds designed especially for Whippets who like to be cosy, available in two sizes, Large for an average sized Whippet and Extra Large for larger Whippets and Lurchers.

Two pillows are covered with soft antipil polar fleece, whippets love to curl up between the two pillows, making a soft and warm bed, when not so cold the top pillow can be removed leaving a double thickness of fleece to cover your dog and in hot weather they will simply lie on top of the bed.

Whippet Pita bed large Zippy

Spare Snugglebed Cover - ONLY

Spare Snugglebed Covers - Medium £29.00 and Large £40.00 ...

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Sales price (from): £29.00

NEW Fleece Pita Bed Cover ONLY for Whippets and Lurchers

NEW Fleece Pita Bed COVER ONLY, FREE delivery to a UK ...

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Sales price (from): £40.00

NEW Padded Faux Fur Cage Matts

NEW Padded Faux Fur Cage/Bed matts 26 x 22in in four ...

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Sales price (from): £12.95

Deep Pile Vet Bed

Vet Bed - Cherry Red with green backing. In two Sizes which ...

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Sales price (from): £15.95

Original Snuggle Bed Large 84 x 70 cm approx

The Original Togs for Dogs Snuggle Bed, designed and made ...

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Sales price (from): £67.95

NEW Fleece Pita Bed for Whippets & Lurchers in two sizes

NEW Fleece Pita Bed, with a soft pillow base and top, ...

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Sales price (from): £72.00