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Cherry Vet Bed
Cherry Vet bed back

Deep Pile Vet Bed

Vet Bed - Cherry Red with green backing. In two Sizes which you can cut to your own requirements. * Includes free delivery to a UK address*
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High Quality Deep Pile Vet BedVet Bed

Vetbeds are widely used by Vets to make dogs feel warm, secure and cosy when receiving treatment.

Vetbeds are made from double-strength polyester, with the high fibre density to retain extra heat and allow for added air permeability.

They also include unique drainage properties in case your pet has any accidents while they are resting and they do not hold stains.

They are an excellent choice for older dogs as the added heat is soothing for aging muscles and joints, and for any animals recovering from surgery or treatment.

Use to make a cosy lining in cages/crates or dog beds with superior washability.

Easily to cut to size as they do not fray.

Two Sizes:

Size 1 - 62 x 77 cms - £15.95  Size 2 - 100 x 75cms - £25.95