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Whippet Puppy Collection

Whippet Puppy coat

Whippet Puppy coats and collars are not often found in mainstream petshops.  However, due to their curvy body shape and slightness, they feel the cold easily and we make a range of products specifically for  a growing whippet puppy.

Coats - Whippet puppies under 16 weeks of age are best kept warm with a stretchy jumper type coat, the puppy will be growing fast and these relatively cheap jumpers are ideal, most pet shops stock these.  Once the puppy has reached 4 months or older a waterproof and/or warm coat can be made to your puppy's measurements - we offer a variety of fabric choices and we allow extra for growth when making the coat.

Collars -The classic whippet collars are wide at the front; are gentle on the elongated and delicate neck of the whippet and are safer to use when walking your puppy as they cannot easily slip out of a hound shaped collar, whereas their slim heads can easily slip through a straight collar.  We offer a range of leather padded and suede lined whippet puppy collars  with leads to match.

Whippet Puppy Collars







Leather Whippet Puppy Hound Slip Collars

NEW - Hound shaped, leather padded and suede lined slip ...

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Deep Pile Vet Bed

Vet Bed - Cherry Red with green backing. In two Sizes which ...

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