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Made-to-Measure Dog CoatsSnuggle Beds, and Dog Rugs, made in the UK.

We specialise in made-to-measure dog coats to ensure the correct fit for all dogs.   We have made dog coats for Dachshunds to Great Danes. Comfort is important for any dog and our range of beds and rugs are designed to compliment the chiquest of interiors whilst providing a warm, luxurious resting place for your pet. 

We have a range of made to measure whippet coats and are adding some whippet puppy coats and collars.   Our Italian Greyhound Collection includes Italian Greyhound coats and coats to fit IG puppies.     

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Italian Greyhound Puppy Collars

Italian Greyhound Puppy Collars are specially designed to support an IG's delicate neck.

We make two different styles of collar specifically for IG puppies.

The broader shaped leather collars are lined with suede and are a must when first taking your puppy out as they are unable to pull out of them. Matching narrow leads are available.

Leather IG Puppy Collars




Fleece lined Martingale Puppy Collars are perfect if your puppy is not wanting to walk on a lead.  They are wide supporting the puppy's neck and will only tighten to the puppy's neck size if pulled and will release.  Matching plaited Paracord leads are available.  Puppy IG Martingale Collar side  Martingale collars are not designed to be left on your puppy or used without a lead.

We also make tiny Comfort Vest Harnesses, specifically designed for IG puppies. You can order vest harnesses here: Comfort Vest Harness


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Fleece Lined IG Puppy Martingale Collar

Fleece Lined IG Puppy Martingale Collars - soft and strong ...

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Leather Italian Greyhound Puppy Collars

Italian Leather IG Puppy Collars, lined with suede. Fits ...

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