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Greyhound Whippet Plant Pot Feet
Greyhound Whippet Plant Pot Feet
Greyhound Whippet Plant Pot Feet

Greyhound/Whippet Plant Pot Feet

Greyhound/Whippet Plant Pot Feet a perfect gift for 'Houndy' gardeners.
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CROPPED GREYHOUND Whippet ON POT FINALGreyhound plant pot feet packaged

 Antique Bronze Greyhound/Whippet pot feet have been custom designed and manufactured by Potty Feet, and are handmade from a durable poly resin based material.

They are frost proof (and can be left outside all year around),

UV resistant and  hand painted using lead-free products.

Our ‘Greyhound‘ comes in a set of 3 so that your plant pot stands evenly balanced on any surface – whether in your home or outside, and displayed beautifully on your decking, patio or window sill. Our Potty Feet can take any weight of pot!

Our Plant Pot Feet will help to: 

  • Improve air circulation for healthy root growth
  • Prevent water-logging
  • Reduce frost damage to your pots by improving drainage
  • Prevent unsightly decking or patio rings
  • Prevent staining to your carpet, wooden or tiled floor 
  • Deter unwanted pests from setting up camp under your pots

Each set of 3 Antique Bronze Greyhound pot feet come beautifully packaged using recycled and FSC certified materials (wherever possible) in custom designed and branded kraft card packages, making this an ideal and unique gift for loved ones and friends. They are also safely encased within a foam protection layer.CROPPED GREYHOUND WHIPPET GROUP FINAL