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Bionic Biotin – Pooch and Mutt 200g

Bionic Biotin – Pooch and Mutt £8.99 for 200g.
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Bionic Biotin – Pooch and Mutt £8.99 for 200g

Pouch Mutt Bionic BioticA proven natural supplement which is particularly beneficial in preventing tummy problems which some Italian Greyhounds are prone to.

Packed with anti-oxidants, probiotics, fish oil, vitamins and minerals this natural supplement complements all diets perfectly. It is specifically tailored to actively promote solid stools and healthy digestion.  Both probiotics and prebiotics promote a healthy gut microbiome, whilst the added antioxidants can help your dog fight off skin infections as they promote a robust immune sustem.  It alos provides important nutrients to reduce itching & scratching, with Biotin to help aid healthy hair growth, ideal for those whose itching leads to hair loss or thinning.

 How do you feed Bionic Biotic?


Bionic Biotic is a powder/ granules that can be added to any feeding regime from kibble to BARF. It has a natural palletant added, so dogs love the taste.With very fussy dogs it can be mixed in with meat, tinned tuna etc.


How much do I feed per day?


Dogs under 10kg = 1tsp (pack lasts 2 months+) Dogs 10-25kg = 2tsp (pack lasts 1 month+) Dogs 25-50kg = 3tsp (pack lasts 3 weeks+) Dogs over 50kg = 4tsp (pack lasts 2 weeks+)


Pouch Mutt BB Ingredients