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Bionic Biotin – Pooch and Mutt 200g

Bionic Biotin – Pooch and Mutt £9.99 for 200g
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Bionic Biotin – Pooch and Mutt £9.99 for 200g

A proven natural supplement which is particularly beneficial in preventing tummy problems which some Italian Greyhounds are prone to.

You can read our experience of this excellent product here: Italian Greyhound Crufts 2016 success

What are the key ingredients?

Key ingredients to help digestion are: A canine specific probiotic, prebiotic FOS and biotin.

Key ingredients to help skin and coat are: Omega oils, soya oil, biotin, methionine and zinc.

Key ingredients to help Immunity are : probiotic, Omega oils, iron and selenium.

Key ingredients to help respiration are: menthol

& eucalyptus

PLUS Bionic Biotic contains antioxidants, vitamins

& minerals for overall health



How do you feed Bionic Biotic?


Bionic Biotic is a powder/ granules that can be added to any feeding regime from kibble to BARF. It has a natural palletant added, so dogs love the taste.With very fussy dogs it can be mixed in with meat, tinned tuna etc.


How much do I feed per day?


Dogs under 10kg = 1tsp (pack lasts 2 months+) Dogs 10-25kg = 2tsp (pack lasts 1 month+) Dogs 25-50kg = 3tsp (pack lasts 3 weeks+) Dogs over 50kg = 4tsp (pack lasts 2 weeks+)