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Gentle Leader Head Collar for IG's that Pull on the Lead

Gentle Leader Head Collar

Gentle Leader Head Collar for Italian Greyhounds that pull on the lead.
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The Gentle Leader Head Collar is the best of its kind for stopping Italian Greyhounds that pull when on the lead and is recommended by myself as I use one everyday on my IG that otherwise will pull when on a collar and lead.

  • made from soft weave webbing that won't rub an IG's delicate skin
  • is fully adjustable over the nose and round the neck for a custom fit
  • it works by gentle pressure around the IGs muzzle, causing it to relax just as a hlater on a horse, where the nose goes the body will follow.
  • this design will not move around the IGs head and cannot rub its eyes.
  • there is no need for double leashing and when correctly adjusted it won't come off over the IGs head.

Two colours available: Black or Red