Made to Measure Coats are sent by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery First Class post - £4.65 (up to two coats)


Lower limit Upper limit Cost (GBP)
United Kingdom 0 200g £1.75
United Kingdom 201g 399g £3.75
United Kingdom 400g 1kg £4.65
United Kingdom 1kg 1.5kg £8.95
United Kingdom 1.5kg 2kg £10.75
United Kingdom 2kg 4kg £11.50
United Kingdom 4kg 6kg £12.30
United Kingdom 6kg upwards £14.25
Mainland Europe 0 200g £8.35
Mainland Europe 201g 500g £9.85
Mainland Europe 501g 1kg £14.85
Mainland Europe 1kg 1.5kg £19.50
Mainland Europe 1.5kg 2kg £24.25
Mainland Europe 2kg 4kg £26.75
Mainland Europe 4kg 6kg £32.25
Mainland Europe 6kg upwards £37.50
Rest of World 0 200g £9.65
Rest of World 201g 500g £13.35
Rest of World 501g 1kg £21.25
Rest of World 1kg 1.5kg £25.00
Rest of World 1.5kg 2kg £29.00
Rest of World 2kg 4kg £46.00
Rest of World 4kg 6kg £51.00
Rest of World 6kg upwards £56.00